"For me, Fountains Abbey is a place where three different expressions of life mingle: 

Catholic England, Romanticism and the Internet".

The Chapel of the Nine Altars

at Fountains Abbey

Nine new watercolours by Elizabeth Darley 2020

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(Please note, the No. 1 painting, Morning star, will appear here, soon)

Nine Alters 02.jpg Seat of wisdom

" These are very good! I can certainly see the Catholicism in the titles."

Ian Walker,

The Walker Gallery, Harrogate, North Yorkshire

2. Seat of wisdom

"I think the detail in Elizabeth Darley's art is fantastic and I love that the pictures are accurate but the paints are warm and not harsh at all. They are both interesting and detailed but calm and beautiful at the same time."

Nine Altars 03.jpg

3. House of gold

Nine Alters 04 (Final).jpg Spiritual ves

4. Spiritual vessel

Nine Altars 05.jpg Mystical rose

5. Mystical rose

Nine Altars 06.jpg

6. Cause of our joy

Nine Altars 007.jpg Health of the sick

7. Health of the sick

" I like looking at this one, Gate of heaven,because I know it so well from when I volunteered for the National Trust."

Miss C, Harrogate,2020

Nine Altars 08.jpg Gate of heaven

8. Gate of heaven

Nine Altars 09.jpg Mirror of justice

9. Mirror of justice