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1st September 2020 How to paint watercolours like Turner

It's quite possible to create watercolours very much in the style of the young JMW Turner by using only four colours. You will see this in my watercolours in this website on the home page.

There's something pleasing about traditional watercolours; the paint obeys the hand well and the blending of pigment and water is satisfying.

Watercolours are difficult to sell but oils are in demand and oil paint can be manhandled to mimic watercolours, such is the adaptability of oils; Turner was the artist who knew this; as a wise septuagenarian, Venice, Morning - Returning from the Ball, St. Martha (1845)is an oils that I easily mistake for a work in watercolour work.

To get closer to the Great Master, choose a limited palette of raw sienna, lemon yellow, light red and ultramarine in both oils and in watercolours. Use professional quality paints and paper such as Winsor and Newton Professional Watercolours or oil paints such as Williamsburg's Naples Yellow, French Ultramarine, Naples Yellow and Cadmium Light Red. Experiment and be bold and self courageous.

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